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Snippet Sunday #1 – Read From ‘Only Tonight’ (Charlie & Evan)

My first Sunday Snippet is from Only Tonight, the prequel to the August Company Rockstars series coming in 2023.

Hope you enjoy it!

This party is for him. We rented the rooftop beach bar for the elaborate celebration and populated it with more famous people, press—lots of press—influencers, a few lucky August Company fans, and other industry personalities. We’re celebrating the announcement of the band’s sophomore album and the end of a promotional tour in America. 

To everyone else at the party it appears as though Evan’s listening to Valentina, hanging on every word she says, but I know behind those dark sunglasses he’s wearing, Evan’s eyes are trained on me.

We’ve been playing at this since we met at the hotel bar. Each time, our flirtation intensifies. It feels palpably electric tonight, heightened to this feverish crescendo where I swear anything could happen by the end of the evening. 

Evan glides his tongue between his lips again, and my spine tingles.

Oh. My. God! 

Evan’s mouth is a pair of full lips on a devastatingly handsome face attached to a body that should be outlawed. 

Daring myself to raise the stakes, as Evan takes the drink from the waitress, I uncross my legs one more time—a little wider. Nothing too scandalous, just enough to let Evan know I can play this game as well as he can and for as long as he can. His glass nearly slips from his hand. He recovers gracefully, shifts in his seat, and tries to concentrate on Valentina and the waitress.

He fails. 

Evan looks in my direction again. I tuck a clump of my curly hair behind my ear, and he bites his bottom lip, pulls it between his teeth as the sexiest grin I’ve ever seen spreads across his face. 

I smile back.

Evan Parker isn’t just out of my league. We’re not even playing the same sport.

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