Fall in love? 


Die for this love?


Dare To Love Dangerously

No good deed goes unpunished. 

I knew that better than most, but it didn’t stop me from using my formidable reputation to save an out-of-depth woman being chased in a dark alley.

As an enforcer for the Donovan Crime Family, I had no time for strays let alone damsels in distress. My world was already complicated, with a turf war threatening my boss’s empire. All I wanted was to get her home safe and out of my life because I couldn’t afford any distractions, even if they came in a package as tempting as the dark-haired beauty.

I told myself she was off-limits, but she’s determined and hellbent on upending my world. Now I’m not sure when it’s all over if who I am will shatter her innocence or if she’ll be the one to corrupt me.

Time can heal wounds. But sometimes, it just f*cks everything up. 

Five years ago, I was a lethal weapon for the Donovan crime family. Then I become the Boss and ruled Chicago. Men feared me. Women wanted me. Cops and criminals alike owed their lives and their livelihoods to me.

I had it all… Until I didn’t.

Now, I’ve been exiled and the woman I never thought I’d see her again was standing before me. A life I refused to believed I could have was suddenly all around me. A love I was too afraid to earn was within my reach.

Unless the life I left behind wont let me go.

Your past can make you. And it can break you.

Because he was my brother, I let a dangerous man live. Now he’s back to test me and threaten the family I’ve built.

I was a brutal enforcer for Donovans and every bit as ruthless during my time as boss. But I’m even more deadly when they attack who I love.

Our business was still unfinished, but one way or another, it won’t be for much longer.