Billionaire Alan Mitchell likes to gamble and win. Brianna is an escort and his newest bet. 

Lines are crossed. 

Rules are broken. 

A contract ties them together. But is it just a contract that keeps them together?

He wants her. She’s not ready for him.

Alan Mitchell doesn’t have to ask twice. When he sees what he wants–or who he wants–he takes it. But his love life is a mess. Still getting over a bad romance, he hires a fake girlfriend. Pretty soon though, he realizes he’s been looking for what he wants in all the wrong places.

When Brianna Walsh meets her newest client, nothing goes right. She is the right woman, but is she about to get in over her head?

He has all the money in the world, but it’s not enough to buy what he really wants. Her love.

Alan Mitchell is used to getting what he wants. Except with his ex-fiancée. And sadly, he can’t avoid her much longer. He will not face her alone, though. When they meet again, he’ll have the perfect woman on his arm. Hiring an escort was all part of the plan. He just never anticipated how complicated everything would get when he started having very real feelings for his fake girlfriend…

No matter which path she chooses, someone will end up heartbroken. If she’s not careful, it’ll be her.

Alan Mitchell and Brianna Walsh’s relationship is…complicated. It has been from day one. Now, they’ve finally come to an understanding. She’ll still be an escort, but she’ll only have one client.


The new arrangement was supposed to simplify everything. But it didn’t. Because Alan wants more from her than she’s ready to give—especially since she still has a boyfriend who is not-so-patiently waiting for her time as the billionaire’s paid companion to end.

And the more time she spends with Alan, the harder it becomes to remember why their relationship must remain professional.

Breaking their contract would solve so many problems—for both of them. But would it also break their hearts?

A lot can change in a year and the end of Alan and Brianna’s fake relationship is just the beginning.

Hounded by family drama and still reeling from an embarrassing breakup, Brianna Walsh makes two huge mistakes in one night. First, she takes home a handsome stranger who makes her an offer too good to refuse. Then she blows off her client, ruining the start of his plans for their romantic getaway. Facing a new contract with the billionaire that threatens to consume her time again, Bri won’t let anything stop her from getting back everything she wants. Not even the ever-determined, always disarming Alan Mitchell.

It started with a contract. Nothing more than a means of repairing his broken heart. But one year later, Alan Mitchell knows Brianna Walsh is everything he wants. For a man who bets big and wins, losing her isn’t in the cards. He’ll do whatever it takes, but convincing Brianna they should be together will be the biggest risk of this gambler’s life.

You can’t get everything you want. Sometimes, though, you get exactly what you need.

From the moment she met Alan Mitchell, Brianna knew he would be trouble. Nothing prepared her to fall for the guy of her dreams. The guy who just happened to be her billionaire client. Their contract was long over now. But he wants more. And trouble is, so does she.

Leave it to him to fall in love with the most stubborn woman he’s ever met. But Alan has never been closer to winning over Brianna Walsh. He almost lost her forever when his heart got way ahead of his head. She gave him a second chance. And now he’ll stop at nothing to convince her their love might be messy, but it’s real.

They know they love each other. But can they finally make it work?

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It started with a contract, but it’ll end in love.