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Tease Me Is A Bestseller!

And readers are loving Thank Me!


I really enjoyed the novel and the story line was spot on with just the right amount of spice. The characters chemistry was off the charts.

Emma A. – Goodreads


I’m a sucker for a second chance romance and this story is just that! It is full of heat, drama, secrets and chemistry you can’t get enough of!

I loved Graham and Willa!

Ally D. – Amazon


I always enjoy Serena’s books.

Definitely in my top 3 of all the books in the set.

Rachel – Amazon

Excerpt from Thank Me

“Graham, I’d love to see Neve. When I’m back in town, maybe I can show you around the factory.”

“The what?”

She squeezes her eyes shut for an instant. “Sorry. That’s what we call the office sometimes. It’s a racing thing. Anyway, I could take you both.”

“Neve will like that.”

Nothing happens next. We both wait for the other to react while our awkward silence continues. It’s as if time pauses itself for one of us to make up our minds. 

Willa finally edges deeper inside and holds onto the door. “Are you sure you don’t want to come in?”

Fuck. Is she sure about this?

This is hard. So is my dick. 

“If I come in, then what? Nothing?”

After a moment, Willa pushes her shoulders back, nods. “Yeah.”

The voice in the back of my head returns. It instructs me not to listen to my heart. Instead, it snakes its way down from my brain and slitters onto the back of my throat where it waits. As she licks her lips, Willa’s tongue pokes out of her mouth, and that’s all the voice needs to strike. 

Speaking through me, it says, “Fuck it.”


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Time can heal wounds. But sometimes, it just f*cks everything up.

Five years ago, I was a lethal weapon for the Donovan crime family. Then I become the Boss and ruled Chicago. Men feared me. Women wanted me. Cops and criminals alike owed their lives and their livelihoods to me.

I had it all…until I didn’t.

Now, I’ve been exiled and the woman I never thought I’d see her again is standing before me. A life I refused to believed I could have is suddenly all around me. A love I was too afraid to earn is within my reach.

Unless the life I left behind won’t let me go.

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Snippet Sunday #1 – Read From ‘Only Tonight’ (Charlie & Evan)

My first Sunday Snippet is from Only Tonight, the prequel to the August Company Rockstars series coming in 2023.

Hope you enjoy it!

This party is for him. We rented the rooftop beach bar for the elaborate celebration and populated it with more famous people, press—lots of press—influencers, a few lucky August Company fans, and other industry personalities. We’re celebrating the announcement of the band’s sophomore album and the end of a promotional tour in America. 

To everyone else at the party it appears as though Evan’s listening to Valentina, hanging on every word she says, but I know behind those dark sunglasses he’s wearing, Evan’s eyes are trained on me.

We’ve been playing at this since we met at the hotel bar. Each time, our flirtation intensifies. It feels palpably electric tonight, heightened to this feverish crescendo where I swear anything could happen by the end of the evening. 

Evan glides his tongue between his lips again, and my spine tingles.

Oh. My. God! 

Evan’s mouth is a pair of full lips on a devastatingly handsome face attached to a body that should be outlawed. 

Daring myself to raise the stakes, as Evan takes the drink from the waitress, I uncross my legs one more time—a little wider. Nothing too scandalous, just enough to let Evan know I can play this game as well as he can and for as long as he can. His glass nearly slips from his hand. He recovers gracefully, shifts in his seat, and tries to concentrate on Valentina and the waitress.

He fails. 

Evan looks in my direction again. I tuck a clump of my curly hair behind my ear, and he bites his bottom lip, pulls it between his teeth as the sexiest grin I’ve ever seen spreads across his face. 

I smile back.

Evan Parker isn’t just out of my league. We’re not even playing the same sport.

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New Vella Release With More Episodes To Come

“Hi, I’m Samuel and I didn’t mean to, but I might’ve just fallen in love with my best friend, Sabrina. I’m sure nothing will go wrong.”

How To Fall In Love The Holidays: Big City Edition is a new series featuring big city romances beginning with Samuel Dawes and Sabrina Henry. Meet them and the rest of their friends as they slowly (or quickly) fall head over heels in love for the holidays.


How did two friends get here? Stealing out of work in the middle of the afternoon to meet up in secret?

Well, we both had a rough day. That’s how all of this started. One bad day, then a couple of drinks at our usual spot turned into a long, quiet walk to her apartment. At her front door, Sabrina dared me to kiss her, and I did. Neither of us expected to go any further, but we did.

Now, in a classic fool-in-love move, I’ve developed a maddening crush. It’s more than a crush and no less maddening. Naturally, I’m keeping my feelings a closely guarded secret from the object of my affection. How much longer I can pretend I don’t want more is anybody’s guess because when me and Bean are together, it doesn’t just feel real and substantial. It feels right.

Truth be told, that’s a new milestone for me.

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Upcoming Release: ‘Everything You Want’

He raised himself onto one elbow and came close, his gaze searching her eyes. Bri broke their stare, preferring to take in his full lips instead.

Bad idea. 

Fresh memories of how he kissed between her thighs resurfaced, tempting her to forget he was a speed bump on her road to reclaiming the balance in her life.

Ethan’s fingers took another tour of her naked skin. He trailed them down her arm, hopped from the tip of her elbow to follow the curve of her hip. Bri relished the touch. The contact acted like an incendiary, rekindling an explosive need she had for him.

Damn him. He wasn’t going to be smart.

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Snippet from The Blood Moon Princess

Excerpt from ‘The Blood Moon Princess’ – Episode 6

On the eve of the Choosing Ceremony, Nyaria had a restless sleep. She woke before dawn with her mother clinging to her arm. Lady Stonebridge did not spare her from her wrath when she learned what Nyaria had done. Agreeing to marry into Lord Thrinn’s family without her mother’s consent was the final indignity for the lady to suffer. But they had no other choice.

Nyaria snuck from the bed and slipped into her heavy robes, quietly leaving her chambers. This early in the day, the temple was still, save for a few acolytes milling around on the lower floors. She made her way down to the praying rooms. Nyaria knelt before Neres, the god of fortitude, closed her eyes, clasped her hands, and prayed. After a time, she heard footsteps approaching.

“It is forbidden. To leave your chambers before you are summoned on the day of the ceremony. Even to pray,” a woman said at her back. “Your presence here might upset the gods.” 

“I’m sorry,” Nyaria said and looked over her shoulder. The woman wore the exquisite robes of the high priestesses, but the pattern on her hood was unlike any she had seen before and Nyaria struggled in the low light to make sense of the woman’s features. 

“What is it that troubles you, child?”

Where to begin? Nyaria thought.

“Nothing troubles me. I only came to say a prayer for my mother.”

“Ah yes, we have heard Lady Stonebridge has not been well.”

By now it shouldn’t surprise her that their trials in Atkah were well known to all inside the temple—and many outside of it. Nyaria shifted her skirts and pushed herself to her feet. 

“Begging your pardon, I’ll return to my chambers now,” she said and dipped to show her respect.

“I knew your father, Nyaria Stonebridge. Everyone knew him as a good man with a great name, but it will be remembered in you, in your actions, from this day forward,” the woman said.

Nyaria raised her eyes to the priestess, found the woman smiling. For a moment, her body tensed, refusing to move. She contemplated asking the meaning of her words but reconsidered. She left the woman in the praying room, racing back to her chambers. 

By the time her mother opened her eyes, Nyaria was already laced into her elaborate purple dress. Lady Stonebridge eyed her as she rose, her hair disheveled and her face gaunt. Her mother wore the same smock for days now, nibbled at her food, and wandered the chambers aimlessly. It was cause for concerns.

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The Blood Moon Princess – Kindle Vella Fantasy Serial Debut

Nigel tiptoed to where the girl fell, dropping a knee beside her small, lifeless body. The mangled crown of flowers around her head told him everything he needed to know about who she was. She was the enemy.

Everyone knew Freig men and boys were raised as savages who killed noble knights while they slept beneath their blankets instead of facing them in battle. Cowards were what they were. But no one ever told Nigel much about Freig girls—or more likely, he never listened to those bits of the knights’ tales.

She didn’t look any different from any of the other girls in his village or his sisters. In fact, she was just as pretty. Even prettier than many of them, he thought; but it was dark so he couldn’t really be sure and that was the sort of thing he could give a fig about.

The girl’s eyes sprung open, breaking into his revelry. Nigel flinched, but he brought his dagger to her throat.

Neither of them moved until she said, “Help me. Please.”

The Blood Moon Princess is live now. Read the first three episodes today!

book excerpt new releases

Excerpt: Break Every Rule (Being The Billionaire’s Girlfriend Prequel)

Bri languished in the island heat. Summers in Brooklyn were hot and sticky, filled with fumes and people. Island life was a steady rhythm of warmth and wind. The quiet and ease came if you lived island life like Alan Mitchell did. 

She watched her client enter the pool from over the top of the tablet. To anyone watching her, Bri looked as if she was devouring her book instead of following Alan as he waded to the middle of the pool. He dipped underneath the water and popped right back up. Drenched, he looked like a modern-day god or a male model in a cologne commercial. Handsome and self-assured. The world available at his fingertips. 

Break Every Rule is available now on Kindle Unlimited.