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Snippet from The Blood Moon Princess

Excerpt from ‘The Blood Moon Princess’ – Episode 6

On the eve of the Choosing Ceremony, Nyaria had a restless sleep. She woke before dawn with her mother clinging to her arm. Lady Stonebridge did not spare her from her wrath when she learned what Nyaria had done. Agreeing to marry into Lord Thrinn’s family without her mother’s consent was the final indignity for the lady to suffer. But they had no other choice.

Nyaria snuck from the bed and slipped into her heavy robes, quietly leaving her chambers. This early in the day, the temple was still, save for a few acolytes milling around on the lower floors. She made her way down to the praying rooms. Nyaria knelt before Neres, the god of fortitude, closed her eyes, clasped her hands, and prayed. After a time, she heard footsteps approaching.

“It is forbidden. To leave your chambers before you are summoned on the day of the ceremony. Even to pray,” a woman said at her back. “Your presence here might upset the gods.” 

“I’m sorry,” Nyaria said and looked over her shoulder. The woman wore the exquisite robes of the high priestesses, but the pattern on her hood was unlike any she had seen before and Nyaria struggled in the low light to make sense of the woman’s features. 

“What is it that troubles you, child?”

Where to begin? Nyaria thought.

“Nothing troubles me. I only came to say a prayer for my mother.”

“Ah yes, we have heard Lady Stonebridge has not been well.”

By now it shouldn’t surprise her that their trials in Atkah were well known to all inside the temple—and many outside of it. Nyaria shifted her skirts and pushed herself to her feet. 

“Begging your pardon, I’ll return to my chambers now,” she said and dipped to show her respect.

“I knew your father, Nyaria Stonebridge. Everyone knew him as a good man with a great name, but it will be remembered in you, in your actions, from this day forward,” the woman said.

Nyaria raised her eyes to the priestess, found the woman smiling. For a moment, her body tensed, refusing to move. She contemplated asking the meaning of her words but reconsidered. She left the woman in the praying room, racing back to her chambers. 

By the time her mother opened her eyes, Nyaria was already laced into her elaborate purple dress. Lady Stonebridge eyed her as she rose, her hair disheveled and her face gaunt. Her mother wore the same smock for days now, nibbled at her food, and wandered the chambers aimlessly. It was cause for concerns.

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Beta Readers Wanted: Romance Author Seeking Romance Readers!

“It was her last night of freedom, so she planned on being susceptible to the slightest coercion.”

How was that for an opening line? Well, it’s still a draft and now you can let me know exactly how you feel about it with just a few keystrokes. Here’s how:

The nice people over at StoryOrigin have just announced the release of a new feature designed to help authors meet beta readers by easily giving them access to copies of upcoming books. The Beta Copy feature on the StoryOrigin App allows you to leave comments directly on every line of the story similarly to Google Docs, but it also lets you give overall feedback and a rating for each chapter you read.

I’ve uploaded the first chapter of my next books, Everything You Want and I’m inviting readers who enjoy Billionaire romances to take a look and share what you think. Beta reading is a wonderful opportunity to help indie authors shape their stories and as a writer, there’s nothing we appreciate more than hearing directly from our readers.

So, what’s stopping you? Apply today. It’s simple and you can be the first to find out what happens to Bri and Alan next!

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3 Fresh New Book Covers and 1 BIG announcement…

I wanted to refresh the books covers in the series. Nothing too serious, just a little nip & tuck (who remembers that tv series? I DO!). So here are the fresh new covers for The Right Woman, Break Every Rule and Feast of Flesh. I love them and I hope you do too.

In other exciting news! I’m putting together the Being the Billionaire’s Girlfriend omnibus book which will be called, The Prequels. While the stories can be read alone, I think they are better together! The compilation is coming later this year and will feature the first three books in the Being the Billionaire’s Girlfriend Saga.

There’s a lot more to come for Alan and Bri, so stay tuned!

xoxo Serena

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The Blood Moon Princess – Kindle Vella Fantasy Serial Debut

Nigel tiptoed to where the girl fell, dropping a knee beside her small, lifeless body. The mangled crown of flowers around her head told him everything he needed to know about who she was. She was the enemy.

Everyone knew Freig men and boys were raised as savages who killed noble knights while they slept beneath their blankets instead of facing them in battle. Cowards were what they were. But no one ever told Nigel much about Freig girls—or more likely, he never listened to those bits of the knights’ tales.

She didn’t look any different from any of the other girls in his village or his sisters. In fact, she was just as pretty. Even prettier than many of them, he thought; but it was dark so he couldn’t really be sure and that was the sort of thing he could give a fig about.

The girl’s eyes sprung open, breaking into his revelry. Nigel flinched, but he brought his dagger to her throat.

Neither of them moved until she said, “Help me. Please.”

The Blood Moon Princess is live now. Read the first three episodes today!


I Guess I’m a Fantasy Author Now! LOL

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Will sent her five text messages since her plane landed, but it was her billionaire client, Alan Mitchell, who called her first.

“Hi Alan,” Bri said in a singsong voice as she stalked the luggage carousel for her suitcase.

“I got an alert that your flight arrived on time,” he said. “I wanted to make sure you got in okay.”

Bri shook her head. The idea of Alan tracking her progress as she flew back from Vegas tickled her. Considering how much of a Type A personality he was, she figured he’d spend his weekends plugged into whatever systems financial gurus like him used to make their money, terrified he’d miss out on a potential goldmine once Monday rolled around.

“Thanks,” she said, allowing her smile to grow. “You know, you could’ve just texted me.”

“You know, you could’ve flown back with me instead and avoided all the long lines and the baggage claim.”

Bri rolled her eyes as the conveyor belt spat out two more suitcases that didn’t belong to her.

“I’m happy flying commercial. Besides I’ve seen how the other half lives a million times now. It’s not worth the carbon footprint.”

“You always so sunny on Saturdays?” Alan said in a wry tone. She didn’t respond. Bri sighed, still waiting for her bag to make its appearance. “I’ve taken care of all the details for our trip. Fair warning, though. When I visit my offices, it’s just like any other day. I work long hours, so except for the party, you’re going to be on your own most of the time.”

It wasn’t a lot, but from what she knew of Alan Mitchell, he was a determined man. Her agent, Cassandra Redding, described him as a business titan. “You don’t stand in the way of men like him, Brianna,” she told her. Then Cass handed her the contract she drafted with input from Alan. Now, instead of going out on dates with a handful of clients, for the next twelve months, Alan Mitchell was the only man she’d have sex with—for money that is.

“Bri?” Alan said after a while.

Refocusing, she asked, “Any chance I can visit the Louvre while we’re there?”

Alan chuckled. “Why don’t we keep things local this trip?”

This trip? He tended to do that. Speak about their pretend relationship in the long term. Alan joined Cassandra’s sex club for…well, sex, of course. Initially, he wanted her for companionship while he was in Manhattan. Soon after, he started begging her to fly with him to London on an upcoming business trip. Then he wanted her to enter an exclusive arrangement with him. One where she’d play the part of his girlfriend. Alan needed her to act as a wedge between him and his ex-fiancée who is also his current Managing Director at the London division of his company. She would meet Paloma for herself in a few days, but from all appearances, the woman didn’t seem like a pushover.

She was sure the one-year contract she signed had an exit clause should one or both of them wanted out. Bri would know if she’d bothered to read it before she signed.

She heard Alan sigh, then he said, “Perhaps if there’s time, we can swing by Paris, all right?”

He must’ve mistaken her silent musing for disappointment.

“Okay,” she said, grinning.

When she was in high school, Bri lost out on an art sponsorship to Paris. She missed the opportunity to draw and paint in the most romantic city in France. Missed her chance to wander through the museum on tours during the day and go partying in clubs at night. As soon as she saved enough money, she booked a hotel and flew out for two weeks. There was no way she’d turn down an opportunity to go back, especially with Alan Mitchell at her side. Who knew what exclusive corner of the Lourve he could get her into.

Definitely a perk of having a billionaire fake boyfriend.

Intrigued? Here’s the universal link where you can read it now: Feast Of Flesh.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your month and good luck!

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New Release Alert!

FEAST OF FLESH is now live on Kindle Unlimited!

Alan squeezed his eyes shut. He drifted to some other place, somewhere not in the moment. Then he looked her in the eyes. Bri felt helpless. She remembered last month Alan told her that a man who was like a father to him was dying of cancer. That was the night of their first date. He was drunk and broken, and she knew having sex with him would take his mind off his troubles for a little while. But this… 

If it were Will or Libbie, she’d know how to comfort them. But what was the protocol for properly consoling your not-real boyfriend? 

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Excerpt: Break Every Rule (Being The Billionaire’s Girlfriend Prequel)

Bri languished in the island heat. Summers in Brooklyn were hot and sticky, filled with fumes and people. Island life was a steady rhythm of warmth and wind. The quiet and ease came if you lived island life like Alan Mitchell did. 

She watched her client enter the pool from over the top of the tablet. To anyone watching her, Bri looked as if she was devouring her book instead of following Alan as he waded to the middle of the pool. He dipped underneath the water and popped right back up. Drenched, he looked like a modern-day god or a male model in a cologne commercial. Handsome and self-assured. The world available at his fingertips. 

Break Every Rule is available now on Kindle Unlimited.