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Tease Me Is A Bestseller!

And readers are loving Thank Me!


I really enjoyed the novel and the story line was spot on with just the right amount of spice. The characters chemistry was off the charts.

Emma A. – Goodreads


I’m a sucker for a second chance romance and this story is just that! It is full of heat, drama, secrets and chemistry you can’t get enough of!

I loved Graham and Willa!

Ally D. – Amazon


I always enjoy Serena’s books.

Definitely in my top 3 of all the books in the set.

Rachel – Amazon

Excerpt from Thank Me

“Graham, I’d love to see Neve. When I’m back in town, maybe I can show you around the factory.”

“The what?”

She squeezes her eyes shut for an instant. “Sorry. That’s what we call the office sometimes. It’s a racing thing. Anyway, I could take you both.”

“Neve will like that.”

Nothing happens next. We both wait for the other to react while our awkward silence continues. It’s as if time pauses itself for one of us to make up our minds. 

Willa finally edges deeper inside and holds onto the door. “Are you sure you don’t want to come in?”

Fuck. Is she sure about this?

This is hard. So is my dick. 

“If I come in, then what? Nothing?”

After a moment, Willa pushes her shoulders back, nods. “Yeah.”

The voice in the back of my head returns. It instructs me not to listen to my heart. Instead, it snakes its way down from my brain and slitters onto the back of my throat where it waits. As she licks her lips, Willa’s tongue pokes out of her mouth, and that’s all the voice needs to strike. 

Speaking through me, it says, “Fuck it.”


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Time can heal wounds. But sometimes, it just f*cks everything up.

Five years ago, I was a lethal weapon for the Donovan crime family. Then I become the Boss and ruled Chicago. Men feared me. Women wanted me. Cops and criminals alike owed their lives and their livelihoods to me.

I had it all…until I didn’t.

Now, I’ve been exiled and the woman I never thought I’d see her again is standing before me. A life I refused to believed I could have is suddenly all around me. A love I was too afraid to earn is within my reach.

Unless the life I left behind won’t let me go.

By Serena James Chase

Serena James Chase is the author of contemporary and fantasy romances that deliver those hard-earned happy-ever-afters...even if it takes a while.

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